4 Amazing Energy-Efficient Windows For a Functional Home

Energy-efficient windows are the new favorite in the market of home decor. Everybody pays attention to the color of walls, furniture, the color of curtains and cushions, even. However, windows aren’t really considered that much. The trend, though, is changing, and changing for good. 

Having a normal boring window isn’t just dull, it has so many disadvantages such as blocking sunlight from entering the house, obstructing the view of the outside, and they’re difficult to clean as well. Wherefore, replacing an old obsolete window with an energy-efficient window is a fantastic option. 

Let’s take you through the 4 amazing options that you should consider buying. 

  1. The Classic Casement Window

This window has a charming traditional look. It’s an ideal choice for people who prefer minimalist decor. 

  • It is quite huge. Its sheer size allows a lot of air and sunlight inside the house when it is opened. 
  • When it is closed, it blocks the UV rays and keeps the temperature inside the house comfortable. 
  1. The Bay and Arched Window 

An absolute stunner with a muted feel of medieval charm, this slanted window is mostly made by putting 3 separate windows together. You can also get it customized with 4 or 5 windows for an even bigger appearance. 

  • The outside view from the bay and arched window is spectacular. 
  • It’s a perfect window for the kitchens, bedroom balconies, and even living rooms. 
  • It has smooth curves that gently blend into each other. 
  • The joints between all the windows are properly sealed. 
  1. The Guillotine Window 

This is a beautiful hanging window that’s more popularly used for the bedrooms. It easily slides to and fro. At the same time, when it’s closed, it blocks heat. Needless to say, it is energy efficient since it offers insulation from heat, reducing your energy consumption and electricity bill. 

  1. The Tilt and Turn Window 

This is probably the most innovative window design. As the name suggests, it tilts as well as turns. Made with the help of European technology, this window has many modern features as listed below. 

  • If your house is small and you still want something unique, a tilt and turn window is the best option.
  • It makes ventilation a lot easier.
  • It is an excellent weatherproofing option. When closed, it does not allow cold draught to escape inside the house. 
  • It offers safety and protection since the tilted opening for cross ventilation creates a very small gap. No human, only air, can fit through the small gap.

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