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Arctic Blue Standard Accent  Chair with Walnut Legs

While the legs of our Scandinavian Chairs are all made with a classic, Scandinavian-style timber, Strong Wood (in the Rubberwood varieties), we understand that the leg design of your chairs makes a significant distinction in interior decoration, so with our Classic Chair Collection, we offer clients the ability to tailor their chair legs. You can pick between Black, Cherry, or Walnut Standard Lounge Chair legs when tailoring your accent chair– depending upon the style as well as look you’re opting for in the room. If you have various other wood components in the area, make sure you’re matching the wood on the legs of your chair to the rest of the wood.

Besides considering the information on your actual furnishings, what’s similar if not more crucial is ensuring the style around the area is described, tasteful, and makes good sense with the design of furniture as well as the theme of the room generally. We discussed it earlier, yet including a big, easy, graphic floor carpet can look fantastic with an accent chair in the area. If you’re mosting likely to select a rug, or perhaps a flooring rug, much like with the material and sewing on your upholstery, consider not just the appearance but likewise the material as well as the feel of that material when you’re strolling across it.

Soft throw blankets and also fluffy cushions in corresponding shades to the accent chair, walls, and any other decorative aspects can add a comfy vibe to the room. Locating the best wall surface art to enhance your space can be challenging, however consider what makes sense depending upon what style you’re enhancing your residence in. Whether it’s a farmhouse, minimal, modern-day, typical, or one more sort of design residence, you’re mosting likely to wish to match the art with not only the area it’s in yet the shade of the room it remains in.

Add a Fashionable as well as Individual Dimension

Changing out our Dark Sage upholstered Chair Cover for Evergreen Woodland on our Scandinavian Lounge Chair

Trendy rooms are gorgeous rooms, as well as being cosmetically pleasing, they make you delighted to be in because they feel comfortable and also just so right. Just like with clothing, fashion in interior design takes on various definitions for various people, however when enhancing, it is essential to remain true to your very own personal design. Fashionable rooms that bring you tranquility, calmness, and pleasure can begin with decorating with an accent chair.

Whether you’re bringing a shade out of the wall surface to your accent chair, you’re matching the walls as well as various other decor in the space with a solid, bold-colored accent chair, or you’re generating a totally brand-new pattern that makes sense with the design schema of the space, you’re mosting likely to wish to make the area seem like you. We develop our accent chairs to be not just on trend with the present layout market however likewise slightly ahead of the marketplace so that we’re always providing our consumers with the current styles and also fads they can bring right into their residences. While we want your home to be as on-trend as feasible, we also desire you to feel like you can actually personalize your home, which is why we provide over 30 various accent chair upholstery choices for you to choose from for a really custom-made furniture purchasing experience.

What is necessary to note concerning Levity is that when you acquire an accent chair with us, you’re not just purchasing one chair with one look. You’re purchasing a chair that can expand as well as evolve as your house’s style grows and progresses and can alter with the period if you want it to. Because every one of our chairs have removable, compatible, and also machine-washable upholstered Chair Covers, personalization has never been less complicated.

With Levity, if you intend to change up the design of your accent chair, you don’t need to get a completely brand-new chair anymore. You can just acquire a brand-new upholstered Chair Cover. We advise buying 2 sets of Chair Covers with your first chair anyway, so you have an additional furniture set to place on while your initial set remains in the laundry maker.

Don’t Spend A Lot

Woven Mosaic Storm Gray Standard Lounge Chair with Walnut Legs as well as Herringbone Denim Scandinavian Easy Chair

Accent chairs can get actually pricey, up to $2,000, mainly as a result of producing costs. It’s hard to preserve an affordable budget when you’re searching for the most lovely accent chair for your space, yet at the same time, you do not want to get an affordable chair that’s low quality as well as ends up wearing, breaking, looking scruffy, or obtaining discolored a couple of years later on. In regards to pricing, we want our accent chairs to remain on the reduced end, but, at the same time, we intend to bring you accent chairs made from premium materials that’ll stand up for several years, from the chair base, to the upholstery fabric, down to the wood of the chairs.

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Whether you intend to change up the style of your residence or a space from a much more traditional style to mid-century modern one or you’re having visitors over for the vacations and also you’re seeking to make your home or a space more cheery for the season, Levity has reasonably-priced accent chairs as well as upholstery options for you that’ll look excellent in any type of room in your residence. With our premium foam pillows, you’ll be simply comfy snuggling in your chair as you enjoy just how your chair looks. Since, in addition to our stain-resistant, machine-washable furniture, the foam bases of our chairs are liquid-repellent, you won’t be fretting about spills or stains either.

While right now at Levity you have your option in between the modern-yet-traditional Standard Lounge Chair and the minimalist, mid-century contemporary Scandinavian Easy chair as accent chairs, you can anticipate extra accent chair design choices from us in the future. You can also anticipate that we’re going to continue to deliver high-grade furnishings at a fair and also practical price, right to your front door. Currently allow get enhancing!