Club Ceramic porcelain tiles types and their production process

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are utilized to cover up walls or floors. It has less than a 0.5% water absorption rate. Also, the clay used to construct porcelain tiles is usually denser. They may be unglazed or glazed. These tiles are one of the kinds of vitrified tiles that are also called porcelain vitrified tiles. Club Ceramic porcelain tiles are considering as most prominent tiles.

Although porcelain has been hugely utilized for manufacturing tiles for several years, recent production quantities and techniques have prepared porcelain tiles obtainable for the average householder in current years.

Production of Porcelain tiles

Extensive manufacture of porcelain tile is taking on in several countries like Turkey, China, Sapin, Morbi India, Italy. However, many countries are undertaking minor level manufactures like Brazil or Australia. According to the ISO 10545-7 test, the water score of porcelain tile maybe rated from 0 to 5. Moreover, this may utilize to identify appropriateness for several end-use situations.

Porcelain tiles polished

The hard or dense surface of the has prepared to polish a feasible option to the glazed surface. It defines that a porcelain tile may fire up. After that, a polish slashes into the surface, establishing a polish without a shiny finish.

Types of porcelain tile

Porcelain tiles have most ordinary three kinds: floor tile, wall tile, and mosaics wall tiles. Floor tile is very prominent due to its pet-proof abilities and waterproofing. More so, mosaic tiles are very eye-catching by endless design. Wall tile is suitable for the bathroom, shower, and walls. 


These tiles may be utilized in both dry or wet areas like showers, bathrooms, or kitchens. These tile floors are suitable for an exceptional traffic environment. With the addition of this, it absorbs less water and is easier to use. Moreover, these tiles have a smooth surface that is perfect for blocking out. It is a superb choice for the kitchens as it is easy to wipe down or effortless to sterilize.

Final words

It can conclude that Porcelain tiles are beneficial for your bathroom, showers, or kitchens. These tiles have not only good design but also good quality. Porcelain tiles are considering as most famous tiles. These tile floors are suitable for an exceptional traffic environment. Also, it absorbs less water and is easier to use. So if you select these tiles, you can get a lot of benefits.