Common Household Pests in Vancouver and Their Impact

Pests have always been a significant problem for people living in Vancouver because such pests cause discomfort, unnecessary financial burden because of the ability to damage property, and some significant health risks, which makes it extremely important to get rid of pests before the infestation turns more severe and challenging to deal with.

Everyone needs to have a basic idea about some common household pests and their effect on the daily life of a person. Here is how different pests can invade your house and their potential risks. 



Ants are one of the most common household pests and pretty frequently get inside the pantry and kitchen looking for food. Most ants are merely annoying, but some species, like carpenter ants, cause damage to the property by creating tunnels inside wooden structures, which compromises the structural integrity of the house.

 Ants can contaminate the food sources, too, with bacteria because they travel through some pretty unhygienic regions and carry such bacteria along, which is a potential health risk.


Cockroaches are known to thrive in a plethora of locations where food and moisture are present. For many people, cockroaches can be scary, but they put health at some serious risk, too. Cockroaches carry pathogens and spread, which can potentially cause numerous diseases such as dysentery, salmonella, and gastroenteritis.

The droppings, saliva, and skin can trigger asthma attacks and some allergic reactions, too. If cockroaches are present in a house, it often indicates poor sanitation.


Termites cause significant damage to property that results in billions of dollars of damage every year worldwide. Termites feed on wood and other materials that are cellulose-based. The infestation of termites is pretty noticeable until significant damage is done because of the ability to work silently inside floors, walls, and other structures of the house.

The damage to the structure weakens the building, making the place unsafe and needing pretty costly repairs. The place needs proper and regular inspection to prevent termites from compromising the structural integrity of the house.


Mice and rats are included in rodents and are prevalent invaders of houses, particularly in winters when the months are cold, in search of warmth and shelter. Such pests are known to cause extensive damage through gnawing on electrical wires and other components making up the structure.

Rodents lead to numerous diseases, too, such as leptospirosis, hantavirus, and salmonella, transmitted by droppings, bites, and urine. Rodent infestation compromises the safety of food and makes the place unsanitary.

Role of Pest Control Services!

Professional pest control service providers offer quick and effective solutions for every pest infestation, which prevents property from getting damaged and the severe health risks associated with pest infestations. Such professionals have the right equipment and knowledge to deal with the situation.