How To Maintain And Clean

The artificial grass installed on your terrace or Driveway Grids, patio, garden, swimming pool, or jacuzzi creates a pleasant and convivial living space where you, your friends, your children, and your pets have fun meeting. But the many comings and goings will inevitably leave their mark and pack the fibers. How can I restore my synthetic turf to its full flexibility?

Not to mention all the occasions of soiling that are inevitable: traces of dirt or dust from the outside, food spilled or crushed on the ground, dog droppings, and vomit.

Removing Dirt From A Synthetic Lawn

Over time, with the many passages, objects, and furniture placed on the floor for a long time, the fibers will tend to settle. A short lawn is more resistant to compaction, so we recommend this choice for small spaces and high-traffic areas. Whether the blades are short or long, you can give your lawn a facelift by brushing it with a hard-bristled construction broom or using an innovative tool invented for this purpose. Use an electric or thermal fiber straightener.

Removing Dirt From A Synthetic Lawn

A hard-haired road broom and a good vacuum blower are the best tools to quickly remove leaves and pine thorns. Using a water jet is always possible for food stains, but it is rarely the best solution. It is often best to pick up the garbage completely (with a shovel or plastic).

Then you will let the stain dry completely. If any crumbs or dust are left, use a vacuum cleaner to finish cleaning. For animal defecation (poo, dog, or cat droppings), it is best to let it dry and then pick it up once dry. For the urine of our animals (pee), it is advisable to clean your synthetic grass thoroughly to avoid bad smells. Only rare cases require a more targeted intervention: chewing gum or resin that traps the fibers, for example, will require specific products such as white spirit or acetone.

The Pressure Washer On A Synthetic Lawn

A very effective solution that gives excellent results is to use a high-pressure cleaner. Thanks to the power of its jet, you will ensure deep cleaning of the fibers, which will remove stains, residues, and dust. Adjust the karcher to use the widest jet. (Take care not to exceed a pressure of 120 bar). We advise you to clean your artificial lawn in this way at least once a year, but you can repeat the operation as often as you wish.

Sanitize And Disinfect Synthetic Turf

Sanitizing your lawn is an operation that we advise you to carry out once a year using one of the products specially designed for this purpose. The synthetic turf disinfectant is safe for your family and any feathered or furry pets living under your roof. It is an economical and effective disinfectant diluted to 5% in water and sprayed directly on artificial grass. Simple and easy to use, it will allow you to repeat this disinfection session locally or over the entire surface of your lawn whenever you deem it necessary. Using the disinfectant, you can maintain a perfectly healthy coating that will safely accommodate the whole household, including toddlers.

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