LVT Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT) gives you the look of a tangible wooden, stone, or ceramic floor, but it’s more long-lasting and fully waterproof. This makes LVT parquet and this is ideal for the kitchen and bathroom. With such a huge variety of stylish luxury vinyl to choose from, we’re bound to have the perfect one for you!

Myths About LVT flooring

Most myths surrounding luxury vinyl parquet are left over from the days of sheet laminate which was commonly used before the turn of the century. Today, here are a few common misunderstandings about LVT flooring and its quality.

Myth #1. It Will Wear Down Easily

This myth says to laminate parquet products that are cheaply made with low-quality design printing processes that vanish under lots of wear and tear. With luxury vinyl parquet, the thoughtful design and manufacture of each collection, combined with the durable wear layers, ensures the designs will not fade away.

Myth #2. It’s One Dimensional

Because lower-end laminate and vinyl parquet use less expensive raw materials without using a textured wear layer, the design layers are printed without texture. The hot press method implants real texture into each product that you can truly see and feel.

Myth #3. It’s the Same as Laminate

It’s not! They have entirely different creative processes and are made from very different materials. LVT parquet is far stronger and can withstand exposure to moisture, which laminate parquet cannot.

Myth #4. Upkeep is Difficult

Many people assume that LVT parquet must be complete, polished, waxed, and even mopped usually to maintain its look and integrity. Because luxury vinyl is naturally abrasion, stain, and water resistant, and it’s built with ease of maintenance in mind, a simple two-bucket system is all that is important for LVT parquet.

The Benefits of an LVT Floor

  • Waterproof
  • Great durability
  • Warmer than tiles and laminate
  • Softer than tiles and laminate
  • Limitless colors
  • Ideal for commercial and domestic installations

Here’s a quick look at how LVT is prepared:

The Core—The first layer of your LVT plank or tile is the basic, which creates the base for all your other layers and sits straight upon your prepped subfloor. Customary LVT has a core made of strong but flexible Poly Vinyl Chloride, or PVC. LVT with a wood-plastic complex core is called WPC, and LVT with a stone-plastic composite core is called SPC.

Vinyl Layer—A vinyl layer is placed over the core to cover it and become a good platform for the last two layers.

Photographic Layer—This is where the fun part jerks! The photographic layer can mimic any wood, stone, or tile look you can visualize (though wood-looking varieties are the most popular). With LVT, you’ll find a variety of options to match almost any panache style.

Transparent Protective Wear Layer—One of the most important parts of LVT is the protective wear layer! It seals the rest of the layers together and makes your floors resilient to scuffs, scratches, dents, and water damage.