One of the Many Recipes Evidencing the Need for Good Kitchen Surfacing

Kitchen countertops can have varied surfacing materials. From wood countertops to glass countertops, the options for your kitchen are as complex and exciting as the recipes that you want to create. However, to create a recipe successfully, you need to have a safe, hygienic place to work. A quality countertop that is naturally antibacterial, like granite, will be the best choice when working with recipes that involve a lot of relocation, movement, and activity that could integrate your counter space. Here is my favorite recipe that involves a lot of counter space, so would best be practiced in a kitchen with granite surfacing.

Homemade tortillas take up a lot of surfacing. First you make the dough, which is relatively contained in the bowl. The dough rests, then must be broken into pieces and rolled out as tortillas. The tortillas cannot touch one another, or they will stick together. Because of this, your options are either to roll them all out at once and find ways to keep them from touching, or roll out the next tortilla as the one you are cooking gets to the correct temperature. As you cook, your pan is going to heat up, which is going to mean that your tortillas will be more likely to burn. To avoid burnt tortillas, you need surfacing space to put all of your tortillas out flat without touching one another. Most recipe suggest that you simply use wax paper in between the tortillas, but this is very time-consuming and wasteful of the wax paper, so for more environmentally conscious kitchens, economically conscious wallets, and just people wanting to be downright simple with the recipe, having a larger surfacing in your kitchen that’s safe to put tortillas on is the best option for this recipe. Although you can roll one or two tortillas on a wood cutting board, more than that becomes very crowded and likely to stick together. Using kitchen towels is another method if you have inferior countertop surfacing that you don’t feel comfortable putting the dough directly on, but using towels leaves your tortillas vulnerable to fuzzies and potentially retained bacteria in the towels that can contaminate the dough and lead to sickness.

For the safest option, and the option that requires the least amount of waste and the most amount of ease, choose granite countertops in your kitchen. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen surfacing, Edgebanding Services is a quality company that can help. Contact them to get a quote for your particular situation today.

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen surfacing , Edgebanding Services is a quality company that can help.