The Four Most Important Components of Your Air Conditioning You Should Know About


Having a basic understanding of what parts compose your air conditioning shreveport la, as well as how those components collaborate can aid you to better recognize trouble or determine if your Air Conditioner is operating smoothly as it should do.

If you have the main heating and cooling system, then you have what’s called a split-system air conditioning unit. This indicates that the component of the system is inside, normally with your heating system, as well as a component of the system is outside. The inside part is known as the “cold side” and the outdoors part is the “warm side.”

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There are obviously greater than four parts that compose your air conditioning system, yet so as not to bewilder you, these are the four crucial ones you must learn about: the evaporator, compressor, condenser, and expansion valve.

  • Evaporator

The evaporator is located on the cooler side of the air conditioner. Its main function is to receive a liquid cooling agent and turn it into gas, which then cools down and dehumidifies the air. The gas absorbs every one of the warmth from the air as well as takes it to the condenser.

  • Condenser

The condenser is the equivalent to the evaporator and is located on the warm side of the AC system. It functions to bring that hot, condensed refrigerant gas back outside to air vent the heat and turn the cooling agent back right into a fluid form.

  • Compressor

The compressor is a large electrical pump that collaborates with the condenser to transform the refrigerant back to liquid. This is done by pressurizing the coolant. The compressor is likewise found in the hot side of the air conditioner with the condenser.

  • Expansion valve

These shutoff functions with the evaporator yet are usually situated in-between the condenser and evaporator. Its task is to regulate how much fluid the cooling agent is moving right into the evaporator, where it then becomes gas.

Knowing these four crucial components of your AC as well as how they work can often aid you to determine where the resource of the trouble maybe if your AC is not working appropriately. Some preliminary examination provides you the capability to determine if the concern is something that needs prompt interest by a specialist AC technician like https://www.berkeys.com/air-conditioning/ or not.