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Tree Trouble? 5 Signs You Need Help Now!

Nature offers essence to our lives and is essential for many aspects of a living habitat. This includes soothing the stress levels, providing food, and shelter for wildlife. However, on rare occasions, these enormous giants may become a danger to both our properties and security.

When the tree is affected by damages or shows some alarming signs of weakness, prompt action is required. Here are some signs which are a definite alarm to call the emergency tree work Philadelphia

1. Leaning Tower of Trouble

Normally, trees stand tall. But if a tree leans a lot, especially after a storm, it’s bad news. The roots might be weak, or the ground could be giving way. A leaning tree could fall any minute, damaging your house, car, or even hurting someone. Don’t wait – call for help!

2. Dead Branch Danger

Healthy trees have branches that grow all around. But if you see big, dead branches hanging loose, or big cracks in the main branches, that’s a danger sign. These dead branches are heavy and could fall in strong winds. They could damage your stuff or hurt someone. Plus, they attract pests and spread disease to the whole tree. Call a pro to remove them safely.

3. The Hollowed-Out Horror

Trees can rot inside like old houses’ cellars. If you see big holes or hollow places in the trunk, it means that there is something wrong. This unseen rot corrodes the tree and causes it to fall. Let the empty trunk be your warning – green foliage is just a mask of the tragedy that is going to happen. Give a pro the thumbs up to inspect it.

4. Root Riot Rampage

Tree roots are good; they hold the tree up and provide food for it. But sometimes, they cause problems. If large fissures appear on a driveway, sidewalk, or even in a house foundation, it is likely that they are the result of intrusive root invasion. This can be detrimental to your property, and it will be a lot more costly to repair. Plus, exposed roots can get hurt by lawnmowers, making the tree sick. Call a pro to see what to do.

5. Fungus Among Us

Trees can get sick too! If the leaves look weird, like changing color, wilting, or falling off a lot, it could be a disease or bugs. Some diseases can be treated, but others spread fast and kill the tree. A pro called an arborist can check the tree and see if it can be saved. Yet, if the tree is too weak to be saved, it must be cut in order to avoid the disease from spreading further.

To sum up

If any of these warning signs is observed, you should not procrastinate. Please call emergency tree work Philadelphia company immediately. A professional can just look at the tree and tell you what to do; it may be cutting it down, or trimming or treating something. For the safety of both yourself and your loved ones, call for help and keep your home secure!