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Waterhog Mat Care And Maintenance

We sell many Commercial Mats, as you are aware. Waterhog is our top choice for floor mats. These mats can be used in commercial settings that have heavy foot traffic.

These mats should be available at your front door if you are located in a damp area. Waterhog Mats are the best choice for your doormat. Learn how to care for Waterhog Mats.

Cleaning Waterhog Mats is easiest with a strong garden hose and soapy water. You can put this type of mat in the dishwasher if it can withstand the heat and water of your washing machine.

How To Clean Waterhog Mats Is A Frequent Inquiry.

You should treat them in the same manner as any other matting. Below are more details about caring for your Waterhog Floormats.

Wet Carpets

If the mat is still damp, you should shake it out. A commercial vacuum or retail vacuum should then be used. To avoid accidents, it is best to close your eyes while you shake the mats.

Mats that aren’t in use should be vacuumed once per week. If the mats have been abused by feet, shake them out and vacuum them at least once per day.


Waterhog mats with a lot of water should be hosed off immediately. Dry mats that require more thorough cleaning can also be hosed off. Use a powerful jet to clean both sides of the mat.

This is probably not necessary. Shampoo can be used to wash them. You can also steam clean them if you wish. To dry them, spread them on a towel.

Here Are The Top 6 Ways To Reduce Your Water Bill

WaterHog has been used by multiple cleaning staff. The carpets are often neglected by their owners. WaterHog mats may require more effort to clean than if they were left to collect dirt. Regular cleaning can help reduce repair costs.

Cleaning Waterhog Rugs And Mats: Secrets From The Pros

  1. You’ll need to clean the area regularly depending on how much foot traffic you have and how the weather is. This will help to reduce soil buildup as well as water collection.
  2. All of the tools that you will be using must be in top operating condition. Check that the belts and vacuum bags are in perfect condition.
  3. The third is to ensure that the tools are properly used. This will ensure the best results. To save time and power, many vacuums work at a slower speed. This can decrease the vacuum’s efficiency, and you will spend more time cleaning since you will have to do it again.
  4. Before you start cleaning, it is important to know the type of soil. Is it difficult to tell if the soil is dry or moist? Are there any loose, clumpy, or squishy soil particles? Are there any stains or mud issues? A portable extractor with a brush and vac system will work best for most soils. Multiple passes may be necessary to achieve the best results. Dry soils require a two-motor vacuum. Reduce the brush’s pressure to the lowest setting.
  5. If the mat has crusty salt spots or dried, we recommend that you soak it in hot soapy water for at most 30 minutes.
  6. WaterHog carpets are spot-cleanable with any of the commercially available spotters. WaterHog Mats can be spot cleaned with any commercially available carpet spotter.