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What Are The New Ways To Decorate The Above Space Of Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets are some of the most prominent sights at home due to how significant the space they take is. A beautiful kitchen cabinet in Oceanside might have some extra space above them, and they won’t really look good without anything placed above them. Getting new kitchen cabinets to fill the space is too expensive when people only want to find a use for the extra space, especially since it’s still a useful space for additional storage.

Homeowners can decorate the space above their cabinets with any vintage and precious items they’ve collected over the years. Displaying such beautiful items is enough to make the kitchen look better than before, especially if the homeowner doesn’t need the extra space for storage.

However, if the homeowner needs more storage, they can use the space to store other kitchen essentials. It’s better than replacing small cabinets with bigger ones with more shelves, especially when on a budget. Completely remodeling a kitchen and replacing the cabinets will put the entire kitchen out of commission for a long time, unlike when simply repurposing free space for storage by storing items as is.

The free space above a kitchen cabinet is not only perfect as additional storage but also for a mini-indoor garden of sorts. Not all plants need the same amount of sunlight, and there are plants that can be classified as indoor plants. Using indoor plants is perfect for having a vibrant and refreshing kitchen that plant lovers will surely love.

Of course, getting a brand-new kitchen cabinet Laguna Hills is still a viable option for those with enough budget to use the free space, but those who can’t afford it should still be able to use the space. As mentioned above, it will render the space unusable, but it still remains an effective method. However, any homeowner who doesn’t want to replace their cabinets or reface them should consider reading more on how they can use the space above their cabinets through this infographic by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.

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