Why choose to install a swim spa rather than a full-size swimming pool or hot tub?

There are numerous benefits to using a swim spa, from providing a fantastic exercise tool through to providing a unique space for rest and relaxation. However, if you’re considering whether to install a swimming pool, hot tubs denver co or a swim spa to your home or garden, you may have a lot of questions regarding what is the best option to go for.

Traditional swimming pools, hot tubs and swim spas all have their own benefits, so ultimately it boils down to exactly what you want to use it for.  The team at Hot Tub Barn are well versed in supporting customers decide on the right product for them. From guiding customers on the right size hot tub to fit the whole family, to advising on how to use a swim spa, we’re on hand to support our customers make the right decision. In this blog post we’ll weigh up the pros and cons of swim spas, hot tubs and swimming pools.

Should I install a swimming pool?

Traditional swimming pools are great fun for all the family, whilst providing an excellent option if you’re looking to get fit and active. Swimming pools can be installed outside or inside, however they take up a great deal of space. As a result of this, it can prevent many households in the UK from building one.

There are many things to consider with a swimming pool, including its upkeep and maintenance (which can take a lot of work), whilst also thinking about whether you need the water to be heated. In the UK, you may only be able to use an outside pool during the few short summer months (unless you like freezing cold water!).

Would a hot tub be suitable for me?

Hot tubs are a great addition to any garden space, providing a place for rest and relaxation as you sit back and enjoy the soothing bubbles and warm water. As hot tubs are always heated, you have the benefit of using it throughout the year (unlike outside swimming pools which aren’t heated). However, hot tubs do not give you the option to exercise.

Hot tubs are purely designed for a soak, not for swimming. So if you’re looking for an option which allows you to get active, a hot tub probably isn’t the best choice for you.

What are the benefits of a swim spa?

A swim spa offers the best of both worlds, and more! Providing the opportunity for an intense workout through the water resistance settings, plus the option to turn it into a relaxing hot tub, means that you can enjoy different levels of swimming, and have a relaxing soak after your exercise regime!

Swim spas are longer in length than a standard hot tub, meaning that you can really stretch out and practice your swimming strokes easily and effectively. Plus, the size of a swim spa means that you can have plenty of friends and family join you for a relaxing session when the bubbles are turned on.

Additionally, a swim spa is compact in size, perfect if your garden isn’t big enough for a standard pool!