5 Things You Should Never Do with Your Solar Panels 

Before we even tackle solar panels, we need to understand beforehand what solar energy is. As they say, solar is the most copious source of energy on the planet. The sun’s rays are so intense that it’s enough to generate electricity from it.

Once the sun’s energy is captured, it will then be transformed into electricity using modern technology and then you can use it for your home and/or business. Hence, the need for solar panels.

If you’re looking to try renewable energy for free electricity, a reputable solar panel repair company can do a professional solar panel installation on your home. Subsequently, here are the things to put in mind while waiting for your solar panels to be installed.

Don’t install panels in shaded areas.

Of course, the expert installer already knows this rule but you should also know why. It’s because solar power systems don’t work in the shade since no usable electrical energy will ever be produced if your panels are hidden from the sun. It would be impossible for the system to produce photovoltaic electricity if there’s shade from nearby trees or buildings.

That being said, trimming of trees and shrubs is of utmost importance. Don’t let plants or buildings cast shadow upon your solar panels. Another thing, should dirt, dust or debris remain on the panels, have them removed at once.

Don’t subject your panels to a DIY stunt.

This is especially so when cleaning the panels. Even if your roof is somewhat flat, don’t even attempt to climb over it and start the cleaning process more so if you don’t have the necessary safety gears.

Remember that solar panels are installed by professionals who have thorough knowledge of and experience in electrical and roofing systems. If there’s a leak on the roof, it will cost you lots of dollars to repair since it will cause severe damage to the system. So, before you decide to DIY alone, better think it over carefully.

Don’t use harsh materials on solar panels.

The safest way to clean them is by using biodegradable soap and a soft rug. Harsh materials could damage the panels and remember that repairs are expensive. If you really need to clean them often, make use of your water hose to wash away dirt.

Don’t clean the panels anytime you want.

The best time is early morning, not when the sun is shining bright. If it’s a hot and sunny day, you need to wait for an overcast time since it would harm the panels to be subjected to a sudden change in temperature.

Don’t forget proper maintenance.

Besides occasional cleaning, panels need extensive care and right maintenance. This way, you’d enjoy a long-lasting and efficient service from your system. Let your trusted solar panel company do its job.