Six modular kitchen designs that will make your kitchen look aesthetic

Modular kitchen design are currently in practice as they allow customers to change the aesthetic of their kitchen in a very seamless and efficient manner at any point in time. Such a design gives their kitchen a completely new look. It doesn’t matter if it means changing cupboards, knobs, cabinets or tiles; even a simple change is noticeable and changes the entire look of the kitchen.

Following are the six modular kitchen design ideas which will make your kitchen look aesthetic-

  1. Bar stools for your kitchen space.

You should select the right bar stools as these stools play a pivotal role in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality. These stools are the best way to add an extra counter space to your modular kitchen unit. The first thing you should consider is the height of the counter at which these bar stools will be sitting. Depending upon your choice, you can go for a Colby bar stool, an Orient Bay Barstool or a Hampton Counter stool.

  1. Traditional modular kitchen design.

A traditional kitchen is made of natural solid wood, and you can try experimenting with wall patterns and stone backsplashes. This type of modular kitchen design has free-standing appliances. This kitchen has raised panel doors constructed by carpenters who are very easy to approach. A traditional kitchen is available in various sleek designs, and the most significant advantage of this kitchen is that it is easy to assemble and reassemble.

  1. Straight modular kitchen layout.

This type of modular kitchen design is made along a single wall. The cooking hob, washbasin and refrigerator are arranged linearly on the countertop. Thus, every item is easily accessible to you. If you happen to live in a compact studio apartment, an ultra-small straight kitchen is a perfect choice. This type of kitchen compensates for an elegant chimney, an induction cooktop and a small sink. 

  1. Italian-style modular kitchen.

An Italian-based modular kitchen has pastoral-based themes and innovative storage options such as tandem drawers and corner units. This modular kitchen design is preferred because of its clutter-free looks. It is made up of a premium quality material, and one is likely to find a myriad of finishes to choose from! Hence, if you want to revamp your kitchen space, this one should be your first choice!

  1. Rustic modular kitchen.

If you like to experience an organic and natural vibe in your kitchen, you should go for a rustic modular kitchen. A rustic modular kitchen emphasizes on the rugged look of the kitchen and it is prevalent in simple and earthy colours, 

  1. French modular kitchen.

A French kitchen stands out due to its subtle yet bold finish. This style makes your cooking space look effortless and cool. There are many key highlights of a French modular kitchen and such as white cabinets, a glossy tile and maple wood flooring! This combination makes your kitchen look more exquisite! This kitchen layout blends the old and new in the most seamless manner and one can also do a little mix and match when it comes to designing the kitchen!