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Why Should You Recycle Your Mattress?

Did you know 1.6‐1.8million mattresses are disposed off each year? This correlates to 51,000 tonnes of waste per annum. 

Mattresses are often discarded once they get old and uncomfortable. Most of these ends up in landfills and take up significant space. Mattresses are made using polyurethane (from the family of plastics) and staggeringly, petroleum. Both these are renowned for their negative affect on the environment.  Mattresses are non-biodegradable and often take years to decompose. Furthermore; in the landfills, they become a breeding ground for bedbugs and vermin. Despite this, seldom are mattresses recycled or repurposed. 

Here we shall talk about 4 prominent reasons why you must consider recycling your mattresses.

1] They are bulky and take up enormous space in landfills 

As briefly mentioned above; mattress take up a lot of space in landfills. Each mattress occupies around 23 cubic feet of space. After being dumped in a landfill; mattresses take up about 50-100 years to decompose. Meanwhile as mattresses consist of hazardous flame-retardant chemicals and non-biodegradable synthetic foam and fibres; which can seep into the ground and leach into drinking water, thereby impacting human health. 

2] Mattresses are made from precious resources which can be utilized through recycling 

Most modern mattresses are created using steel and foam. Both these can be recycled and transformed into new products as the life of a mattress comes to an end. However, most get buried into a landfill and are wasted off. Producing new steel and foam products consumes way more energy than recycling them; which makes recycling a better alternative. Additionally, it is a good effort to minimize environmental impact. 

3] Recycling is good for people 

Recycling is good for the community as well. When you recycle your mattress, you are contributing to a green job. For instance, Recyc-Matelas Canada offers full time employment to people with intellectual disabilities fighting against social exclusion. When you recycle your mattress, you are giving an opportunity to such individuals to learn, work and grow in their careers.

4] Doing the right thing is satisfying 

The satisfaction derived from recycling and doing your part for the environment is unmatched. Supporting sustainable outcomes, green jobs and circular economy gives immense joy to the heart. 

Statistics reveal that about 90% of mattresses can be transformed to form something new and can be reused. Why dispose them off and waste things when they can be recycled and used for better!