Be Alert to Notice These Signs to Know the Presence of Termites

If you are a homeowner then you should remain alert about any termite infestation in your property. You must be aware that most insurance policies do not cover termite infestation.

As such, termites can be more devasting than even a disaster like a fire. As per the data available, termites are responsible for annual damage of more than $5 billion in the USA. Almost every property that exists in the USA is at termite risk.

If you are proactive enough to get your home inspected by pest control Norman OK then you can minimize your repair cost to a great extent. They can offer you certain guidelines after inspection that can prevent their infestation.

If you are careful enough then you may not fail to notice the following few signs of termites. If you consult with the professionals of complete pest control OK then they will also tell you about these signs.

1.   Swarmers (flying termites)

Usually, swarmers are the first sign of a termite infestation. They are winged termites that emerge from nests. Such flying termites can be both males and females left the nest to look for a suitable mate near or in the home.

2.   Discarded wings

If you notice any discarded wings then it is an indication of the presence of termites within your property. After swarmers will take flight, then they may shed their wings. You may notice these piles of wings around your foundation or inside of the home.

3.   Hollow or blistering wood

Hollow-sounding or blistering wood is also a sign of their activity. Usually, termites eat wood, leaving just the paint or thin wood veneer. If you tap or knock on an area where termite has damaged the wood then it will sound hollow.

4.   Frass

Particularly for drywood termites, the key sign of termite is frass. This is wood-colored dry termite droppings and can often be confused with sawdust. This sign of an infestation is usually found during termite inspections.

5.   Mud tubes

Mud tubes are one of the most common signs of subterranean termite activity. These tubes are used for traveling between the food source and the soil. They remain attached to structures, near the foundation.

6.   Tight-fitting doors and difficult-to-open windows

Warped doors and stiff windows are often indications of termite presence. The moisture generated when they eat and tunnel through your doors and window frames may cause the wood to warp. You will find it tough to open your doors and windows.

7.   Chewing or head-banging noises

If you ever hear quiet clicking sounds from the walls that means the soldier termites are banging their heads against the wood and shaking their bodies when their colony is disturbed. They try to alert the other termites when they find any danger.

Also, you must check your walls, furniture, and also on the roof for their presence. If they are noticed in such places then it is a sign of serious infestation and you must immediately call exterminator Norman OK to eliminate them.