The Right Measurements for the best Two-tier Desk

The height of the Three-motor electric Two-tier desk is controlled by three motors which are placed in each of the three legs of the structure. This type of model is often presented for corner desks, generally 90°. Equipped with the same characteristics as the dual motor models, the latter allow the base to be adapted to the shape of the top and thus benefit from a corner Two-tier Desk.

Focus On Standing Electric Desks

The electric models are composed of control consoles which can be equipped with several functions:

Height adjustment: This is a basic function, which allows the top or bottom of the table top and thus to use the Two-tier desk effortless (on height adjustment). As such, most of the control consoles are equipped with a display which allows knowing perfectly the measurement of the height of the plate.

Memorizing heights: Depending on the models available, some control consoles generally offer 2 to 4 memorable positions. This feature makes it possible to memorize different heights and thus ensure that by simply pressing a button, the height of the top adapts perfectly to the user’s morphology.

Position alert: This is an audible alarm (often a simple beep) which allows you to define a number of minutes to be spent in a standing position each hour. As soon as the duration is reached, the control console emits a sound to indicate that it is advisable to change position, sitting or standing. Some console models offer a light signal.

Bluetooth connection: Requiring the installation of a suitable smartphone application (Android or IOs), this feature allows the Two-tier desk to become a fully-fledged connected object. Usually, it combines height adjustment and position alert to make changes defined in advance by the user. It also makes it possible to record the time spent in each position and thus to obtain a follow-up of use.

USB ports: Some control consoles, often those with a Bluetooth connection, offer USB ports to connect devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Anti-collision system: There are models which are fitted with a sensor, called the Anti-collision system, often present in the control console, which makes it possible to stop the movement of the Two-tier desk, as soon as it encounters an obstacle.

Although not essential for the use of a Two-tier desk, this system prevents damage caused by the presence of objects such as the arms of armchairs, storage compartments or open windows.


In a work situation, it is difficult to adopt a position that is not very restrictive. Also it is recommended to make regular changes of position. A seat with intelligent adjustments, associated with a work surface adjustable in height, or even (if possible and if the activity allows it) in inclination, favor the regular change of position and avoid the harmful effects of postures. The length of time a position is held should be guided by the sensitivity of the operator. From the first discomfort, the first fatigue, and before the first pain, it is imperative to change your position. These changes can be minimal (elevation of a few centimeters), or very significant (transition from sitting to standing).