When you surprise your kids with the fact that they will have their own room in the new house, the sweet smile on their faces will surely gladden their heart. Kids love the fact that they have their own space where they can play, show their creativity and generally have a good time, their joy knows no bounds. In this article, we will give you some kids’ room decor ideas. paradigm ariana residency

Height is important

For helping your kids organize their stuff smoothly, keep most thing at their height or even slightly higher, but not so high that they cannot reach themselves and it’s you who has to duties every time they need something. Adding a couple of bins to store their toys is a good idea.

Fun in the dark

You can get additives that causes paint to glow in the dark and apply it to the ceiling, along with painting stars and a moon on the ceiling. This will create a cosy atmosphere when it’s bedtime and be an incentive for your kids to turn off the lights and enjoy the scene above.

Give them their own creative board

We suggest you paint one wall with chalkboard paint where your kids can do all their drawing and do not spoil the other walls. Since chalkboard paint is washable, your kids can create new imaginative drawings every day and keep the wall ready clean for the next day. paradigm ariana borivali east

Wall hangings look cool

All kids are creative artists and fiercely passionate their creation. Preserve all the drawings they create for everyone to see by hanging it on the walls in a magnificent display, as a string of attachments on the wall. You can also go in for a magnetic board where you can clip on little iron knick-knacks which will add a delightful ambience to your room.

Be creative with lighting

You should consider using multiple lights in the kids room, including strategically placed reading lights. Also, have a light placed above their bathroom so that they can easily find their way in the night.

Separate wardrobes are a must

When you have two kids, you must consider that their world’s are entirely different from each other in all respects, including their clothes and accessories. Which is why you must build different wardrobes for each of them and ensure that they are large enough to accommodate their clothes till the time they reach their teen years. Remember to partition their wardrobes as having an unpartitioned  wardrobe will result in clothes spilling into each other’s space, resulting in fight in which you will have to unnecessarily get involved.

Fan their imagination

While you should choose regular looking fans for other spaces of your house such as living room, kitchen and your bedroom, you should choose a funky design fan for your kids room, so as to make it stand out from the other spaces. As you know, kids like to show different elements in their room to their friends and guests. This unique fan can be one of those things.

Books are a child’s best companion

Yes, this idea may sound strange to you, considering the fact that today’s children are turning away from books and embracing a digital lifestyle with their mobiles and laptops. But it’s important to introduce early education to your children through letting them read books, rather than staring at their mobile and laptop screen all day and spoiling their eyesight in the bargain.

To conclude, ensure that the early carefree years of your kids leave them with good and cheerful memories with a brightly designed room of their own, which reverberates with a happy ambience.