Common Materials Used in Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

The kitchen is one of the selling points of a house. Most buyers will look over the kitchen carefully. A kitchen that does not look clean, crips, and updated is a turnoff for potential buyers. But when it comes to a kitchen upgrade, homeowners may have tough choices to make. Is it worth spending time, money, and energy on a complete renovation? Sometimes, renovations are required and should give owners a good return on their investment when done right. But in other cases, a bit of cosmetic attention will make a difference. Cabinet refacing can sometimes be the ideal solution for most homeowners. There are various kinds of refacing materials to pick from. Also, you can consider refacing cuisine Armoires En Gros if you want experts to get the job done for you. Cabinet refacing materials include the following:

Veneer and Edge Banding

Most cabinet refacing experts use pressure-sensitive veneer to reface cabinets. This veneer is made of cabinet-grade wood and can provide your cabinetry with an instant look improvement. You can find them in different kinds of wood, colours, and finishes, which means you can find options that complement your design plan. Although applying wood veneers take time and precision, it’s less consuming, costly, and labour-intensive than replacing kitchen cabinets. 

Trim and Crown Moulding

If you want your cabinet refacing project to be of high quality and craftsmanship, you can add crown moulding to their tops and trim moldings to their faces. Just ensure the trim is stained to match the veneer. Moulding provides additional dimensions and creates a sophisticated feel. 

Updated Hardware

Sometimes, cabinets only need a thorough cleaning and updated hardware to have a fresh look and feel. You should consider changing out the cabinet hardware following the refacing project. kitchen cabinets chantilly, va and drawers with updated faces deserve to have new hardware. When you pick out knobs, pulls, or bars for cabinets and drawers, get something distinctive that matches your new cabinets and the other kitchen fixtures.

Painting and Refinishing

Although it can be a lot of work to paint or refinish your kitchen cabinetry, it can let you save money while adding value to your house. If your current cabinetry is dark, dated, or dingy, adding a coat of new stain or paint may provide it with a new feel and look. But to achieve exceptional results, have a professional tackle these projects. It takes a great deal of energy and time to complete and achieve the desired outcome; however, it will be worth it.